19 September 2014
Clavius.Org Webmaster Jay Windley Attacks An Apollo Mission Control Worker Who Expressed Doubt About The Apollo Moon Landings,
We will show you again how wrong the Apollo believer Jay Windley is. During an interview with Alex Jones and an appearance later that evening on the nightly news (2 July 2013) Mr Teague, an Apollo mission control worker, said that the Hasselblad camera images made on the moon are possibly faked.
Jay Windley, the webmaster of the pro Apollo moon landings website clavius, is now attacking Mr Teague for what he said in 2013. Yes, Mr Teague, an Apollo mission control worker who is speaking about the possibility of fakery, is now attack by this Apollo moon landing enthusiast Jay Windley. We copied this information from the Apollohoax.net forum:
AwE130 represents that Raymond Teague, as a flight controller at Mission Control, would have been well placed to know the disposition of Saturn V design and construction documents. That is not supportable. Teague’s experience and training was as an electrical engineer, acting as a guidance and control specialist at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. Neither that specialization nor that location had anything to do with the design and construction of the Saturn V.
The guidance and control in question was that of the Apollo spacecraft, not the launch vehicle. The two used completely separate and distinct guidance systems. Guidance of the launch vehicle (i.e., the Saturn V) occurred at the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, FL. So he was in no way connected to the design, construction, or operation of the Saturn V rocket.
The Saturn V project — as all NASA major hardware projects are — was administered out of the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, AL. The major portions of the rocket were built in Michoud, LA and Downey, CA. None of Teague’s duties took him anywhere near those locations. He is not an expert in the manufacture of the Saturn V.
Teague’s repeated appearances on Alex Jones’ radio program should be a warning to anyone regarding the veracity of any information presented there. Jones is not a reputable reporter and commonly makes claims that are only marginally supported, and then only by fringe elements and pseudo-experts. According to Teague’s obituary (he died shortly after the interview in question), Teague became very politically outspoken later in life. Jones caters to the politically outspoken fringe. It is likely Teague’s association and support of Jones has more to do with that than with knowing or finding the truth about Apollo.
That information is either public knowledge, readily available, or known to people with a competent understanding of Apollo history and the U.S. space program in general. The organization of NASA and its contractors is not a secret, but AwE130 does not know anything about it.
However, one does not need to know the details of how NASA operates. Teague’s interview contains red flags that should have alerted the knowledgeable historian to its unreliability. Teague claims in his Jones interview that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ordered the dismantling of Saturn V tooling. But in order for that to have happened, the dismantling would have had to occur prior to 1968 when McNamara left office and government work, which is patently false because several Saturn Vs were visibly built after that, using the tooling. Teague’s claim is known to be factually incorrect.
Reproduced from Apollohoax.net.
The clavius.org webmaster is attacking everyone who disagrees with him. It does really not matter to Jay Windley the crazy Apollo believer. Jay Windley is a known person in the aerospace world and appears in the documentary "The Truth Behind the Moon Landings: Stranger Than Fiction" with people such as Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and moon landing investigators from both sides of the debate. AwE130 thinks that the Apollo moon landings are on the brink of exposure and that that is why Jay Windley is going wild and attacking everyone. He must feel that the whisper is getting the better of him. We are AwE130, we are the Whisper!
“The Truth Behind the Moon Landings: Stranger Than Fiction” Cast
Credited cast:
Buzz Aldrin, Marcus Allen, Bill Kaysing, Patrick Moore, Ian Morrison, Neil Morrissey, James E. Oberg, Paul Renne , Ralph Rene, Richard Underwood, Jerry Wiant, Jay Windley.
 Mr Teague is open to the possibility that the Apollo moon landings are faked.

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