7 December 2014
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal and the Soil sampler tool ring discovery,
In 2012 the "Soil sampler tool ring" was discovered by AwE130 and reported to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal chief editor. We will now share a story that will shock you and show you how amateuristic the ALSJ is in their investigations. We reported that we had discovered the Soil sampler tool ring in image AS11-37-5505, this ring had not been discovered before by the ALSJ or its contributors (or was it and they did not want you to know it?) Here is our story and as always you are the judge.
AwE130 reported the soil sampler ring found in image AS11-37-5505. When you look at the image you may wonder why it was never discovered before as it is quite obvious. Go to 1:07 in the video below.

Why was this soil sampler ring not noticed before? This is a fair question to ask. The answer, in our opinion, is that it shows that the Apollo moon landings are filmed in Earth's atmosphere. The moment Neil threw the Soil Sampler Ring is known from 16mm film footage. The position were it landed is known by image AS11-37-5505. This gives you the opportunity to calculate the distance the Soil Sampler Ring was thrown by Neil.
The ALSJ reports on 14 September 2012: "Journal Contributor AwE130 has identified the ring from the Contingency Sample Collector in AS11-37-5505, a photo Neil took out his window after the EVA."
Apollo moon landings exposed
With this discovery AwE130 proved beyond the doubt that the ring was only thrown 5.5 meters. We will share a quote from the email we got from the ALSJ chief editor, in which he defends the 5.5 meters.
"Thanks to your question, I was able to estimate that Neil threw the ring about 5.5 meters or maybe a bit less. In the 16mm film, he doesn't seem to use any arm motion but just wrist motion. I tried an experiment at home of tossing a similar object in the same way from the same height. In Earth's gravity it landed about 2 meters out from where I tossed it. In lunar gravity, the same toss would have gone 4.8 meters. Thanks for the inspiration."

When you look how the ring is thrown it is clear that the explanation in the ALSJ is doubtful if not completely wrong. Lets see that footage of Neil throwing the Soil Sampler Ring. At 2:27 you can even see the ring flying. Neil is swinging his arm when he throws the ring. The ring is thrown much further than the ALSJ chief editor wants you to believe. You still wonder why Eric Jones did't want to communicate with "ALSJ journal contributor AwE130"  any more? 

When you try what the ALSJ chief editor did and throw the ring like Neil does in the 16mm footage you will not be able to throw the ring under 4 meters. This footage must have been filmed on Earth not on the moon. The Apollo moon landings are exposed, it is time for the truth. We are the Whisper a journey towards the truth for all mankind. It is time you join us.

Other important questions:
1. Why is Neil throwing the ring towards the Lunar Module? Would that not be an irresponsible thing to do? The ring could have damaged the LM?
2. What about the comment by Neil, who seems impressed that he had thrown the ring just over 5 meters?