15 November 2014
The ALSJ and the Jay Windley attack on the AwE130 web-master,
In August the clavius web-master tried to expose the AwE130 web-master, but it became a complete embarrassment for Jay Windley, the clavius web-master, who published the wrong person on his website. We will now expose the links that will show that at least one Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) contributor was supporting Jay Windley's action. Dwight Steven-Boniecki, posting on the apollohoax forum under the name Dwight, is reacting to a post byJay Windley, posting under the name JayUtah. They clearly confirm that the action by Jay Windley to try to publish the personal information of the AwE130 web-master was inspired by their devotion to the chief editor of the ALSJ Eric Jones. 
windley dwight 1
Dwight Steven-Boniecki is a respected ALSJ contributor who also posted the following comment on the thread about his conversation with Ed Hengeveld another respected ALSJ contributor. He states how jealous he is about Jay Windley getting all the fun. What fun? Publishing the name and address of people who have nothing to do with the AwE130 website Dwight? 
dwight about hengeveld
Ed Hengeveld posted the following on his facebook page and it confirms what Dwight Steven-Boniecki told on the apollohoax forum. The meeting took place on 14 September 2014. The two respectable ALSJ contributors were well aware of the attack by Jay Windley. We have tried to contact Ed Hengeveld three times for a reaction on this information that we got from Dwight Steven-Boniecki, but he never replied.  
dwight hengeveld meet
The information shows that ALSJ contributor Dwight Steven-Boniecki supported the action of Jay windley in his attempt to discredit the AwE130 web-master. As usual they completely failed. The ALSJ is spinning completely out of control due to weak leadership, something we already noticed in 2012 when we were in direct contact with Eric Jones the ALSJ chief editor. This is just the beginning of the exposure of the links between the apollohoax/clavius group and the ALSJ that runs on the NASA website. We will expose more ALSJ contributors who are attacking people they disagree with. We thank the people who informed us of what is going on and we will keep publishing more information about the dark side of the ALSJ. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Also we would like to point out that Ed Hengeveld and Eric Jones have contributed to the same books. Apollo 11 - The First Men on the Moon, Apollo 12 - On the Ocean of Storms, Exploring the Moon. Ed Hengeveld is just one step away from Eric Jones the ALSJ chief editor. 
The green links in the image below were active during Jay Windley's failed attack on the AwE130 web-master and as you see the information stream was just one step away from the ALSJ chief editor Eric Jones. Why you think that some people within the ALSJ  are so aggressive towards AwE130? One thing is sure, Jay Windley the clavius web-master and his apollohoax forum friend have opened a can of worms.
ALSJ structure
On 30 September 2014  Dwight Steven-Boniecki made the following comment on the apollohoax forum. The same day Jay Windley removed the information about the AwE130 web-master from his website.
dwight about the matter
Do you think that a historical archive that runs on the NASA website should be involved in an attempt to expose critical people by publishing full names, telephone numbers and addresses? And what will be the reaction of NASA to this article? We are the whisper a journey towards the truth for all mankind. 
List of references.
Apollohoax forum posts:
Reply# 1056 JayUtah & reply# 1057 dwight
reply# 1300 dwight
Reply# 1363 dwight
Face book Ed Hengeveld: 14 September 2014 meeting with Dwight Steven-Boniecki 

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