March 4  The ALSJ Images

All images from Apollo 11 magazine 40 as they where displayed on Aug, 16, 2000 in the ALSJ. Click here for images.

March 4th 2013 UK. AwE130 press release

The Apollo moon landings debate has been going on for 40 years. Some say it all really happened and that the photo material is the living proof of it. Others say it is all a hoax and the images were all made in studios. AwE130 did an investigation into these claims and has spoken and worked with people from both sides of the debate. This resulted in credits for our work in the "Apollo Lunar Surface Journal" (ALSJ), the leading archive published on the website. It is important to note that the ALSJ are not NASA. They are a group of people who started the archive in the 1990's with the idea to create a historical archive about the Apollo moon landings. Later they asked NASA if they could run the ALSJ on the website and were allowed to do so. For more information about how the ALSJ came into existance you can listen to this interview with Eric Jones, one of the initiative takers of the ALSJ project and Chief Editor of the ALSJ (Click here for interview). The ALSJ do state on their website that the images are provided by NASA Johnson. They also state that images made from the original film are sometimes post processed. When this is done they mark the image (OF300). See link below for ALSJ information. Never is stated in the captions of images when they re-uploaded new image as an serious historical archive should do.

 AwE130 started to investigate what was done to the images and exactly how they were post processed. The results may surprise you. As we will show the "post processing", as the ALSJ call it, is more like altering and manipulating the images. The website is a specialist in cached pages. They make snapshots of websites at a certain point in time and store the information. They have also cached the ALSJ. The first cached copy goes back to June 17th, 1997. We would like to take you back in time to the date August 16th, 2000 when the ALSJ was cached for the second time by (see link).

The pictures below are both image AS11-40-5849. The first image is as it was shown by the ALSJ on August 16th 2000. Compare this to the picture below which is how the same image is shown today. This clearly shows what the post processing described in the ALSJ information actually does. The two images look as different as night and day.

Image credit NASA

 The shocking truth about AS11-40-5903

Update March 6th, 2013 "some people suggested that the ALSJ has explained the 9503 image click here but the point is that they did not inform the reader in the caption of the image that they re-uploaded a new image what is very important from a historical point of view. In our opinion you should always inform the reader when you change an image in the caption of the image. If this is not done it will lead to confusion and doubt as we see today" End update.

The second image that we would like you to have look at is AS11-40-5903, the famous Buzz Aldrin image. For years people have debated this image, discussing topics such as the fact that buzz seems to be standing in a spotlight and the fact that the top part of the image seems to have been altered in. We will now show you how this image was handled and dealt with in the ALSJ from August 16th, 2000 until today. AwE130 will show you how the ALSJ has changed history without informing the public. We will do this using image AS11-40-5903, showing you that the ALSJ has altered this image without informing the public at all. We will provide all links so you can see that we are correct in our findings. Image 9305 is stretched  cropped and they played with the contrast, all where labelled as original NASA images by the ALSJ. Never when the changed the image they informed the reader, that is what we call wallpapering over. A historical archive should always inform the reader that they have changed an image in the caption. This is an historical mistake that should had never been made by the ALSJ. Until now we did not find one image that is referred to as changed in the cached pages.


Aug. 16, 2000

Image credit NASA


Caption: Go to AS11-40-5903 in the link below 2000.


Oct. 16th 2002

Image credit NASA

Caption: Caption: Go to AS11-40-5903 in the link below 2002.


Feb. 15th 2004

Image credit NASA



Caption: Caption: Go to AS11-40-5903 in the link below 2004.


The ALSJ never mention the fact that the image has been altered. This is altering and manipulating beyond historical correctness. Much more can been found in the archives that show beyond doubt that the ALSJ alter, change and manipulate the historical facts. We think that NASA is not aware of this and we ask NASA to start a full investigation into the behavior of the ALSJ. When the ALSJ find mistakes they wallpaper over them, as we have now shown beyond a doubt. We do not say that the Apollo moon landings are a hoax but the millions of people who have doubt about the Apollo moon landings are justified in that doubt, as the leading historical archive supported by NASA is morally, ethically and historically very wrong. Hundreds and hundreds of examples of this behavior can be found on the website showing the manipulation of NASA images by the ALSJ. We do not think that NASA is aware of this and we would like to ask them to start a full investigation into the ALSJ.


Start your own investigation all the information is cashed from 1997 to 2013 click the link.*/  


Note AwE130: To us this does not mean the Apollo moon landings are fake, but it does show why millions of people all around the world have doubt about the Apollo moon landings. The ALSJ are direct responsible for this doubt as they clearly try to hide errors and mistakes. We will inform NASA and ask them to put the ALSJ inactive during this NASA investigation. NASA needs to take action on this serious matter.



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